K Buzz features Zlatan in new single”HennyTing Goes”, set to release EP

After recovery from Covid-19, Nigerian songwriter, rapper, Adefolajimi Adelagan popularly known as K Buzz, has dropped a new single called “HennyTing Goes” featuring Zlatan Ibile, the Zanku Master. The United Kingdom (UK), born artist distinctive style and signature animated flow on the single blends with Zlatan on a hard-hitting lively instrument.

K Buzz is an amazing singer. His sound is dynamic, high energy fusion. He gives musical spark to the number and brings together a manner that births a holistic song. His lyrical depth is derived from years of immersion in poetry. He has written over 200 poems. “I started writing poetry at a very young age,” he said. “I remembered when I was in primary school.

I wrote a poem that was published in a book. I have written lots of poems, and I digressed into music.” For K Buzz, it is about talent, balance with great passion, and creativity for music. Most of his lines in “HennyTing Goes” come extemporized and the sync fittingly to the moment. “From a young age, music has always been a passion,” he said. “As the saying goes music is the food for the soul. I grew up listening to the likes of Fela, Bob Marley, 2Pac, Biggy. There is a quote from Bob Marley that I hold close to myself; ‘When music hits you, you feel no pain’. The Engineering graduate of Kingston University, UK whose ability expresses values, family, love and integrity through music uses Afro Love to promote black love which is important in the black community. Produced by BluBlood, the foundation for “HennyTing Goes” were laid through K Buzz’s interest in the viral Shaku and Zanku dances; the finished product of “HennyTing Goes” is positivism, encouraging listeners to ‘dance as you like, do as you like, live your life to the fullest’.

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