2face Idibia; Deserves More Accolades: One Of Greatest Afrobeat Verdicts.

Innocent Uja Idibia, is a very respected personality in Nigeria music industry, for many well deserved reasons, and majority of us is already giving him ample trust and the affection he deserves, which continues to float at sight, showcasing his plainful lifestyle, his admirable music presentation, and even down to family, respectively.
Most people can truly confess that they love the man he is over the years, despite his up’s and downs, which is considering human, common to all of us too. Nobody is perfect, every human being has flaws that distinguish their personality, and 2baba’s plain simplicity and understandability owns up to this in his song: “holy holy and nobody holy pass”, which are common phrases in his lingua making him true to himself and his listeners.
The art he does churnes is a pure visibility, that houses no fury, and never tend to pace naked pictures to fans of diverse ages who accept his craft, as he leaves anyone to see through his high esteem, good character, nobility and extravagant humility, which shows from his admirable lifestyle. The picture of 2baba’s greatness is something even the blind can see, and of course has attracted millions of fans in the digression of his art from way-back, till date. And the type of art, has brought about a thickened collision of various 2baba lovers from diverse parts of the world, and has even housed him with top notch music legends far abroad: Jay Z, Kanye West, Majek Fashek, etc.
Note, not just the music facets alone, even when it comes to business ground breakings and other communes of life – 2baba’s highly and desperately regarded for what he stan, the quality of self respect, humble virtue and style of art he proceeds: veteranic savoring taste.
2face is a force to reckon, a very thick and fearless one. His attitude to humanity, paying very close concern to social crisis, economic depreciation, etc. Has all proven an act of maturity and has earned him respect, with dignitaries all over the world. I expect you’ll say he’s an exemplary, a fine model that every potential star and legends to come should anchor. Because, he radiates something special, full of extreme beauty, unique taste and stripes of perfection to clothe modern day musical inconsistencies and only very few construct to change the present day Nigerian society.
2baba’s artistic angle, comes with a wind that blows very warm, soft air, which serves as an appreciation and encourages cerebral growth and soft warmlines. Whenever 2baba glides the love angle in his music, it always includes the African woman, her genuine character, and involving every realistic human emotion, you feel the breeze flow warmly through, and totally. How he talks about the heart2heart matters, very sensibly and respective. Talking about his love tracks from way back and recent is originality and bloom, his: “African Queen”, “Love Is Crime”, “Hate What You Do To Me”, “Omo Tosan”, “Possibility”, “Target You“, etc. Whenever he breeze’s the art, you are certain of gracious messages, and solute words of wisdom and morale’s to paint the proper picture of the African woman, and his spewing despicable love languages, full of excellence.
Talking about his motivational, and inspirational pieces which serves as self propelling forces and natural guide to wisdom and truth, preaching the most powerful love (God), peace and unity has designed him a beautiful and never fading look, from a very different view. His extravagant humility and great regard for everyone. Although, you can accept that, the content 2baba dishes transcends, he keeps passing out messages to heal the world, which he dwells, with his hope to make the place a better place to co-exist, his golden tracks like: “Rain Drops”, “Holy Holy”, “Nfana Ibagha”, “Dance In The Rain”, “Warriors”, “Only Me”, etc. Speaks of his great concern towards change and a better world to stay.
MI2, a Nigerian, Port-harcourt based singer who appraised him and his beautiful art, and leaving his heart poured out in a track, he titled; “Letter To 2baba” were he exercised his unfading love, his debut regard and infinite respect for the Legendary goose “2face”.
Nevertheless, his party groves are all hit bangers, his retrospective party tracks, and latest releases, very acceptable and adorable listen. His: “Amaka”, “Enter The Place”, “Gagga Shuffle”, “We Must Groove”, “Opo”,”Implication”, “Oyi”, etc. All great and groovy tunes, came in shaped with the Tubaba stripes of acceptable play, and blended in perfection and genuity.
2baba’s cabinet has housed multiple true African recognitions, bearing bold marks of excellence, and truth in his music, his lifestyle and his community. And today, he’s held firmly to firm prestige, and houses for himself prints of legendary statue in Africa. The name is known for goodwill: Innocent Uja Idibia, popularly know as 2baba or 2face , has feed us with heavy respect, that led millions to hold him at high esteem from Nigerian music industry. The act’s character has spoken depth, and we’ve written our simple reach. And we can’t leave the 2baba’s spot to lie without telling you that, Innocent Uja Idibia’s deserves a refined spot, to honor the Fela Kuti’s African afrobeat rulers, the solemn spot of true afrobeat verdicts, for his form of art, his nobility, good virtue and legendary statutes has spoken enough and we respect that today and forever.
2baba’s a true Afrobeat Verdict.
Content Creator: Agwuma Kingsley

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